Editing Notices

To edit a Notice, you simply need to head to the Notices tab and click into the Notice you wish to edit. You will then see a button, as shown below, that states “Edit Notice”:

When editing the body of a Notice, the Notices editor text box makes use of a very simple formatting language called Markdown. You can see some of the options available with the Markdown editor to the right of the main Notice's Editor window:

Although the most used syntax elements are displayed with examples, you can visit http://daringfireball.net/projects/markdown/syntax to see the complete Markdown syntax if you're looking for something we haven't covered.

Adding people to Notices

1. Once you’ve selected “Edit Notice,” you’ll be presented with the same user dialog you went through when originally creating the Notice. You’ll have the same ability to select existing users from the left, or enter new users for the Notice directly on the right.

2. After selecting or entering the users you'd like to add to the Notice, simply click Next, confirm your preferences once again, and click Save Notice. Once you've saved your notice you'll get a green alert notification at the top of your screen confirming that your Notice has been saved.

Removing people from Notices

1. Click on the name of the notice to view the details and locate the name of the person you'd like removed.

2. To the right of the name you'll see some action buttons. Click on 'More Options' (downward pointing chevron) and select 'Remove User'.

3. You'll receive a confirmation dialog letting you know that deleted users no longer receive reminders or need to confirm receipt of a notice. Click 'Delete User' to confirm your deletion, or 'Cancel' to abort.

If you have any further questions about editing Notices or adding/removing parties, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at support@logikcull.com. We’re always happy to help!

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