How to create a Notice

  1. Go the Notices tab in your project and click "Create a New Notice".
  2. Select either an existing Notice template OR choose to create a new Template. Click Next.
  3. Create a New Template: Enter your desired email subject ( Must be < 1000 characters and restricted to letters, numbers, spaces, newline characters, and ,.&'_?!() ). Next, CC people on your notice, these people people will receive an email copy of the notice when it's initially sent, but they will not be asked to confirm that they received the notice. You will be asked to add those emails on the next step. Next, customize your confirmation button, and choose the type and frequency of reminders you would like this Notice to employ. Pro tip: You may also save your work as a new template for later use!
  4. Once you've chosen or created a template, you are on to Step 2 of 3 and you can add users to the Notice, either by selecting existing users from your project on the left OR by entering a list of email addresses directly into the box on the right. These people will be asked to confirm that they received the notice. Click Next. Pro tip: Copy and paste an existing list of emails directly into the list on the left to quickly add people to your Notice.
  5. Now, you can set your delivery preferences, choose to send a test email, review your selections, and name your notice. When you're all done making your selections simply click "Create Notice".

How to pause a Notice

  1. Navigate to the Notices tab in your project.
  2. Look for the Notice you'd like to pause or restart in the list of Notices.
  3. On the right-hand side of your Notices row you'll see a series of action buttons. Click on the pause icon or play icon to pause or restart your Notice, respectively. 

Pro-tip: you can also pause and resume your Notices by clicking on them and using the status button at the top of the page, just below the Edit Notice banner.

And remember: when a Notice is paused your reminder emails will cease to go out until the Notice is resumed, so take that into account when deciding to pause or restart.

How to end a Notice

  1. Click on the Notices tab in your project.
  2. Locate the Notice you would like to end in the list of all Notices.
  3. On the right-hand side of the Notice row you will see some action buttons. If you hover over the "...More" button you can select "Delete notice" to end your Notice.
  4. Once you select "Delete notice", you will be prompted with a warning notice reminding you that this is an irreversible process and requiring you to confirm once more that you would like to Delete. Click Delete to confirm and continue, or click Cancel to abort.

Once a Notice has been removed, all reminders will cease to send and any unconfirmed users will no longer be able to confirm the Notice.

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