Navigate to the My Legal Holds view and locate the Legal Hold you need to release. You can filter by the (1) Project name, (2) search for the hold name, or (3) sort by the hold name or date created.

The Release Hold option is available under the menu on the right.

After you select "Release Hold", you'll see a prompt that gives you the option not to send a release email to all custodians. If the box is not selected all custodians will receive a release email with the default release text.

For instructions on how to view or make changes to the default release text see "How do I edit my Legal Hold?"

  • The Legal Hold status will change to "Released".

  • All custodians will show as "Released".

  • A "Released" hold cannot be changed to an "Active" hold.

  • You have access to view and edit notes associated with your hold and hold custodians.

  • You can continue to report on your Released holds until they are deleted.

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