In Logikcull, you can change the way the data is de-duplicated with a single click.

You can switch between de-duplication settings on the search/filter you're currently viewing using the ‘Dedupe View’ options in the search information panel. Changing de-duplication views is not permanent.

Dedupe Views

  1. Global (Horizontal) de-duplication means that Logikcull will show you only unique data across your project, inclusive of families (i.e. attachments).
  2. Custodian (Vertical) de-duplication means that Logikcull will show you unique data within the silos of your respective custodians/people in your project.
  3. No dedupe means that Logikcull will show you ALL the data in your project regardless if it was duplicate of another document in your project.

Your project has a default filter view and when you first login or clear a search it will default to that. If you did not change it during project creation, it defaults to a horizontal/global de-duplication view.

You can also make use of the QC Tag "Has Duplicates" to easily and quickly find documents that have duplicates associated with them. Keep in mind, this QC Tag is applied to all instances of the duplicative document, including the original.

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