You can now easily update your database imported records in Logikcull with our Smart Overlays feature. This feature is great for:

  • Replacing images from imported documents.

  • Adding or replacing metadata, natives, and text from imported documents.

Here are three common use cases for this feature:

  1. You received a production with poor quality images or text.  Now you can request an overlay and add them to Logikcull without losing work product. Logikcull will re-index the overlaid text automatically.

  2. You received natives and placeholder images as a production. Now you can image the natives in Logikcull and create your own overlay to replace the placeholders!

  3. You received a production but realize some of the metadata is missing. Now you can request a supplemental delivery of just the metadata and add it to Logikcull.

Note: This feature only applies to documents that have been imported via the Database Import upload process.

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