In Logikcull, it’s easy to bulk tag, bulk cull, or bulk assign documents. Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Toggle the family on/off button to also include family items (i.e. attachments & embedded files) in your bulk action.
  2. Use the “Assign Users” option to associate the documents with 1 or more of your users. When a user is assigned documents they can use the filter carousel to easily and quickly see all the documents that they have been assigned by finding the filter titled "Users".  If you ever want a report on a particular user's progress, you may create a report by navigating to "My Account" > "Reports".  
  3. To bulk tag documents you will want to check the boxes next to the documents you would like to tag and then select "Tag Documents".  A prompt box will appear with all the tag choices as well as the ability to create a new tag.  If a tag has a minus sign, it indicates that one or more of the documents you selected have this tag applied to it already. 
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