In Logikcull, you can add Notes to any document through the Notes box located in the Document Information pane. Simply click the Document Info tab to expand the panel, scroll down to the Notes section (select the drop down option on the right hand side if it is not already expanded) and then just type away in the Notes box!

Be sure to click Save Notes when you're done in order to save your changes.

Document Notes can both be searched from Advanced Search Builder option (using the Logikcull Document Notes field), or from the main Search bar with a fielded query beginning with:


followed by the text you'd like to search.

You can export your Notes when creating a download by selecting the Logikcull Document Notes field in your load file.

Finally, you can search for documents in your data set with Notes applied to them by selecting the "Has Notes" tag in the filter carousel, or by using the Advanced Search Builder option.

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