The Logikcull + Clio Matter Mirroring Integration allows you to easily create a new project in Logikcull from an existing matter in Clio, or a new matter in Clio from an existing project in Logikcull... all at the click of a button!

Why would I use this integration?

Matter Mirroring reduces the time and hassle associated with entering duplicate information, so you can begin uploading discovery-related materials (like documents and emails) to Logikcull that are associated with cases in Clio.

To enable the Logikcull+Clio Matter Mirroring integration, you must:

  1. Have a Clio Account
  2. Be the Account Owner on a Logikcull account.

How do I connect my Logikcull and Clio accounts?

Simply log into Logikcull, and connect using these steps:

  1. Navigate to your Account Preferences ("My Accounts" from the left-hand Navigation Bar).
  2. Choose "Edit" and then click on the Preferences tab.
  3. Select the Enable button for Clio Mirroring under the “Third-party integration settings." This will open a window allowing you to authorize the integration and enable for your Logikcull and Clio accounts. 
  4. Once signed in, click on "Mirror Clio Matters" to start mirroring your matters from Clio to Logikcull!


  1. Go to your Logikcull profile page and choose "Configure" for the Clio integration under "Third-Party Integration." This will take you directly to your Logikcull Account Preferences.
  2. Continue with steps 3 and 4 listed above.

How do I create a Logikcull project from Clio?

Once you’ve turned on the Logikcull+Clio Integration from your Logikcull Account Preferences you can mirror any new Clio matter you create as a Logikcull project.

  1. In Clio, click on "Edit" for that matter.
  2. Scroll down to the "Custom Fields" and check the field labeled "Mirror matter in Logikcull."
  3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 for all matters you want to mirror.
  4. Once you have these set, this will look for all Clio matters with the "Mirror matter in Logikcull" checkbox applied and create Logikcull projects, as needed. If your matter already has a Logikcull project associated with it, Logikcull will not create a duplicate project, so this is safe to use anytime you want to ensure your matters and projects are aligned.

How do I create a Clio project from Logikcull?

Once you’ve turned on the Logikcull+Clio Integration from your Logikcull Account Preferences you can mirror any new project in Logikcull you create as a Clio Matter by opening the “+ More options and processing defaults” section of the “Create a new project” form and selecting the “Also create matter in Clio” option.  From there, you can choose which of your Clio clients to associate the matter with, click “Create Project”, and you’re done!

What default settings are applied when creating a Logikcull project from Clio?

Logikcull projects created as a mirror of Clio projects will always use your Logikcull account’s default project settings when creating a project.  You can confirm or adjust these in Logikcull from your Account Preferences page, just below where you enabled your Clio+Logikcull integration for your Account.

What default settings are applied when creating a Clio matter from Logikcull?

Clio matters created as a mirror of Logikcull projects will always use the Clio default settings for creating a new matter.  You can edit your matter to make any changes you’d like to once it’s been created by finding the matter in your matter list and selecting “Edit”.

How do I disable the Clio integration in Logikcull?

Within Logikcull, go to your User Profile by clicking on your avatar or name in the left-hand Navigation Bar, scroll down to “Third-Party Integrations” and select “Disable”.  This will disable the integration for your Logikcull Account AND de-authorize the integration with Clio.  

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