ShareSafe is an easy and secure way of sharing files and existing downloads with opposing counsel or an outside party.

When creating a Download, on the last step, you have the option to "Securely Share" your Download.

Note: If you would like to the receiving party to be able to review the production via Instant Review in Logikcull, your production must meet certain requirements which can be found here.

1. Click "Securely Share" to display the options for sharing your Download.

Or Select "Share" after your download is complete, or on an existing download.

2. Enter the email address for the recipient(s).

⚠️ If you're sending to multiple recipients, make sure that the email addresses are separated by a comma or semicolon

3. You have the option of including a custom message to the recipients

4. You can set a time limit on when the link to download the produced documents will expire. The maximum is one year.

5. Click "Create and Share Download" to start putting together the Download zip and to send the ShareSafe invitation to the intended recipients.

6. You will receive email notification when the recipient has accepted the Share, you can also track if it was accepted by clicking that same "Share" button for the Download and viewing the history.

* You can always track the receipt of the share on that share page

* Feel free to test shares by sending them to yourself!

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