Logikcull uses an in-house optimized version of Tesseract to OCR, which is superior to Adobe's own PDF plugin and most, if not all, other OCR engines in the market based on our own thorough testing and industry knowledge.

Logikcull will automatically attempt English-language OCR on image documents (i.e. JPG, PNG, PDF) with NO extractable/searchable text. If the document is OCRed, it will get tagged with QC Tag: Ocred. Due to the nature of OCR text being imperfect, it is highly recommended to manually check these documents, which we make easy with the QC Tag "Ocred". How does the OCRed QC Tag work? -[Video]

For any uploads created after March 15th, 2018, we made major improvements to this engine, where searchable text on the document can have persistent/search highlights, and even handwriting will be searchable! If the OCR work was done prior to this date, the document from the image viewer may not be searchable. However, with Tesseract, this means that you won't necessarily need to open the text preview to search for keywords on a document that was scanned and OCRed in Logikcull!

NOTE: If performing a database upload and you have been provided an accompanying set of text files that reference the text for the imaged versions of your documents (i.e. PDF or TIFF), we typically recommend utilizing the text files that have been provided and bypassing the use of our OCR engine. 

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