You may notice that data uploaded to Logikcull expands from its native size. Why is this?

Data expands as part of Logikcull’s comprehensive processing workflow, which automates more than 3,000 steps that are essential to maintaining the integrity of your information. When you upload documents, Logikcull preserves, organizes and enhances them to: 

  1. Ensure your files are secure: this entails scanning for hard-to-detect viruses, preserving metadata to protect against spoliation, and encrypting files at rest.

  2. Speed up the search and review process: this includes deduping, de-NISTing, OCRing and extracting text, indexing files so you can find them easily, flagging potentially privileged documents, imaging documents that are hard to read in native format, and applying QC tags.

These processes occur simultaneously and automatically, so you don’t have to worry that key data is being missed or processes skipped. Logikcull’s process is not only thorough, it is automatic. This automation allows Logikcull to repeat the same processes every time with no human input. Automation is crucial to maintaining data integrity, and one of the main differences between Logikcull and other platforms.

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