YES! Just log into Logikcull from your phone or tablet - we're mobile optimized, and gesture controls are built right in.

Below are some handy gesture controls to speed up your review:

  1. Log in from your phone or tablet (i.e. iOS and Android).
  2. Open a Logikcull project and tap on the search tab.
  3. On a search row, use two fingers and swipe right-to-left ⬅️ to tag/tap responsive and swipe left-to-right  ➡️ to tag/tap non-responsive.
  4. You can also use one finger and swipe right-to-left ⬅️ to cull a document.
  5. Tap a document row to expose the document action buttons (i.e. add comment, download PDF, view the document, share a link to the document, etc.).
  6. BONUS: You can also upload pictures from a mobile device. Logikcull will automatically OCR, PDF, and put it into your search index.

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