So you received a shared file via Logikcull… now what?

When a download has been shared via Logikcull from a sharing party (also known as a producing party), you will receive an email that allows you to access the Shared File: 

After clicking ‘Access File’, a new tab will open.

⚠️ If you don't already have a Logikcull account, you’ll be prompted to enter your name, organization, and password to create an account and access the shared file. If you don't see this option, just click "Don't remember your password?" and then "sign up" on the next page.

After logging in, you will then be directed to your Shared Files page within your Logikcull account:

If the green ‘Review’ option is selected and the shared file is compatible, a new Project will be created and the shared file will be uploaded automatically to a new project: 

And from there, you can review the shared file in your newly created project once the upload is finished processing. 

Reviewing and sorting your shared file

To sort the items by the Bates applied in the production, you can select the Sort dropdown > Imported Beg Bates (a-z), which will sort the Bates numbered documents in Bates ascending order (first to last):

Here is a list of how the remaining sorting options available are defined:

  1. Name - The document’s name as it appears alphanumerically in Logikcull (may be the document’s original name in the file system).
  2. Document Date - The date of the individual document.
  3. Family Date - The date of the document's whole family (dictated by the “parent” record in a family).
  4. Filepath - The documents original location in the file system; a breadcrumb.
  5. File Size - The original file size, in bytes, of the document.
  6. Relevancy - How relevant the document is based upon search parameters applied (i.e. keyword hits)

Navigating to Your Projects and Shared Files

Clicking on the My Projects icon in the left navigation will display all projects in your Account, which includes a Sample Project with test data: 

Selecting the Shared Files icon in the left navigation will display all items shared with you, and will note if the share has expired or if it is available to review and/or download. 

Production Requirements and Incompatible Downloads

Please keep in mind that the following scenarios are not currently compatible with InstantReview:

  1. Productions created without images (ex: Native Only).
  2. Productions created before 11/26/19.
  3. Productions that contain multipart/spanned zips.
  4. Productions that are image format only (PDF/TIFF) that have no load file. Load file should at the least contain fields for bates/control numbers, text/native file links (if applicable).
  5. Productions with naming conventions for Natives/Images as 'original filename'.

If you'd like to review your shared file within Logikcull, we suggest asking producing party to recreate and share a download that complies with the specifications outlined in this article: Logikcull Production Requirements. If the producing party needs help with recreating the production, please let them know they should reach out to the Logikcull team and we’d be happy to help. 


If shared on more than one file, we recommend clicking on the most recent link sent in order to access both files. If you're already a Logikcull user associated with an active Logikcull account, we recommend reaching out to the Account Administrator at your organization to confirm the most ideal means to provision you with access to the data in question.

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