In Logikcull, there is a designated field for a Document's Date - how is that field populated? Logikcull uses the following sequence of metadata fields (depending on the field's availability in the metadata), in order of priority, when displaying a document's date:

  • Email Date Sent
  • Email Date Received
  • Email Date Modified
  • Email Date Created
  • File Date Modified
  • File Date Created
  • System Date Modified
  • System Date Created

For database uploads, this is the order that we look at to populate document date:

  • “import_document_date”, (ie mapping the “document date” field)
  • “slack_document_date”,
  • “static_document_date”,
  • “email_time_sent”,
  • “email_time_received”,
  • “email_time_modified”,
  • “email_time_created”,
  • “file_time_modified”,
  • “file_time_created”,
  • “mtime”,
  • “ctime”,
  • “created_at”
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