In Logikcull, there is a designated field for a Document's Date - how is that field populated? Logikcull uses the following sequence of metadata fields (depending on the field's availability in the metadata), in order of priority, when displaying a document's date:

File and Cloud Uploads

  1. Email Date Sent

  2. Email Date Received

  3. Email Date Modified

  4. Email Date Created

  5. File Date Modified

  6. File Date Created

  7. System Date Modified

  8. System Date Created

Database Uploads

  1. “import_document_date”, (ie mapping the “document date” field)

  2. “slack_document_date”,

  3. “static_document_date”,

  4. “email_time_sent”,

  5. “email_time_received”,

  6. “email_time_modified”,

  7. “email_time_created”,

  8. “file_time_modified”,

  9. “file_time_created”,

  10. “mtime”,

  11. “ctime”,

  12. “created_at”

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