During Step 3 of the Database Upload process, you will be asked to map the fields in your load file to existing Logikcull fields.

Once you've mapped all of your fields, simply click on "Next: Validate Data" to process the mappings.

⚠️ Note: Any fields without a corresponding Logikcull field can be imported into Logikcull by selecting "Import as new" from the drop down menu.

Here are the recommended minimum load file field requirements in order to validate a set of load files successfully:

  1. Begin Doc/Begin Bates - Beginning bates/document identifier number for each record

  2. Begin Family/End Family or Begin Attachment/End Attachment - If linking families (i.e. emails and their associated attachments)

  3. File Name - File name that includes the file extension (i.e. document.msg)

  4. Native File Link - If importing native records

  5. Text File Link - If importing OCR text/text files

TIME FIELDS: If you have a time field in your load file, a corresponding date field is required. For example, for "File Time Created" to be mapped, there must be a corresponding field available for "File Date Created."

The table below provides guidance for mapping common fields so that metadata and file locations can be correctly communicated to Logikcull.

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