If you're just looking to get a simple list of documents with some select metadata without going to the trouble of a full download, you can use the CSV download tool. CSV downloads are particularly useful when generating a privilege log!

  1. From any search, simply look for the CSV Download button at the top right, directly above the search input box.
  2. Click the button and choose your options, including how to name the exported CSV, whether to include families and/or culled family members, and your choice of a field template OR
  3. You can choose to create a new field template at this time by selecting "+ Create a new template" in the template selection drop-down menu.
  4. Click "Create CSV Download" and watch for your CSV download to appear directly below the Search Results statistics row and begin progressing. Hint: Look for the words "Creating CSV download" to spot it!
  1. Once complete, click the "Click here to download" link to retrieve the CSV file of your search results featuring your chosen metadata.

Once you download your CSV it will disappear from the search page, but you can find a copy of it in your Downloads tab, inside of the CSV Search Results folder by default.

Logikcull is unable to recommend fields for your load file or privilege log. However, some commonly used privilege log fields include:

  • Document type
  • Parent/attachment
  • Date
  • To/From/CC/BCC
  • Privilege asserted (Attorney-Client, Work Product, etc.)
  • Privilege description

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