Logikcull customers on the Business Plan have the option of archiving without deletion. This allows you to store archived projects - without losing work product like tags, saved searches, and downloads - at a discounted rate.  

To Download an entire project, you can create a Download based on a saved search that includes all of the documents in your project. If this download contains the native, image and text of all records, as well as all available metadata fields, it will constitute a full archive of the project.
Here are a few things to keep in mind when creating this download:

  • 'Culled' and 'Unculled' views are mutually exclusive and can't be combined in a search. You will need to either create a separate archive for each, or tag and un-cull any culled documents to include them in a single archive.
  • The dedupe view in the saved search this Download is based on will dictate whether you're archiving duplicates or not.
  • You'll want to include all available metadata in your load file, EXCEPT for the "Full Text" field*. Most importantly, be sure to include all tags and work product fields.
  • In the case that you would like the files named by the original filename, for ease of re-uploading, you will need to name the images and natives by their doc number. The original filename should preserved in the load file.
  • By default, redactions are included on the images. Please check this dropdown via the "more options and image defaults" and change the option as you prefer.
  • If you wish to re-import the same project into Logikcull in the future you can do so via a Database Upload. Keep in mind that work product fields will need to be imported as new, custom fields (i.e. tags cannot be reimported as-is).
  • This Download will contain any produced documents, but the productions themselves will need to be captured separately.
  • Downloads of the entire database are typically very large. You may want to be careful in the choice of splitting the download into smaller chunks, which is an option during the last step of the download; by default, it will split into 4GB chunks. If you choose to split them, you may have to combine the parts (see Why does my download have several ZIP files and how do I open them?) at a later time. If you choose not to split them, you would need a strong network connection to download these single, large files.
  • "Full Text" field is not recommended, as this blows up the metadata load file size and may cause issues when attempting to open such a large file. The full text will be included for each document in the text files if you select "Yes, include text files in the download."

If unsure regarding what fields or specifications to include, please reach out to your designated Account Manager or contact us through in-app chat!

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